New Online Service For Employees



New Online Service For Employees

By Stacey McVeighty | Tuesday, 26th August 2014

HMRC are rolling out a new online service for employees. The new service that will be available from the end of September and will allow the employee to add or amend their company car details online.

This is the beginning of a new service that will eventually allow employees to amend information that affects their own tax code online.

The theory is that this will save time for employers (who are now busy collecting/administering pension schemes and preparing numerous employer returns for RTI) but in reality it has probably come about because HMRC frequently get PAYE codes wrong and a large proportion of calls to their helplines are to put these codes right.

Personally I am not sure how successful this will be and I think employees will be uncomfortable changing something that will affect their tax code without the say-so of HMRC or an accountant, after all, it is the employee who will have to suffer penalties/interest when the code turns out to be incorrect.